Our Strategic Plan

At the Winter 2015 Conference, VASBO embarked upon drafting a Strategic Plan document to add to its rich history. VASBO’s strategic plan provides a blueprint for action to enhance professional development offerings, member and vendor engagement and fiscal sustainability. In addition, it provides a long-range planning process for organizational growth as well as a mechanism for the organization to evaluate progress. Please see the key components of the plan , which was updated in Spring 2022, below. 


VASBO promotes the highest standards of school business practices for its membership through professional development, continuing education, networking, and legislative impact. 


VASBO strives to be the organization that facilitates excellence in Virginia public school business through professional learning experiences that maximize the capacity of each member to be technically proficient, to forge strong community partnerships, and to meet the needs of stakeholders.


Core Belief Statements:  

  1. Leadership – We serve our members by giving them relevant and meaningful professional development offerings and opportunities they need to succeed and we provide financial guidance to stakeholders.
  2. Accountability – We believe in professional ownership, efficient management of resources, and fiscal accountability.
  3. Excellence – We pursue the highest standards of fiscal and operational performance and achievement through technological uses, innovative, and data supported practices.
  4. Collaboration – We depend upon shared responsibility and the organization partnering with, its members, other professional organizations, federal and state government agencies and school communities.
  5. Transparency – We support and utilize a variety of communication methods to connect members, vendors, sponsors and partners.
  6. Professionalism – We expect the organization as a whole and its members to display competent and skillful behaviors in alignment with the business profession.
  7. Ethics – We serve our members in an environment that fosters integrity and honesty.


Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1 - Continuing Education 

Enrich professional development offerings and opportunities to ensure that they are relevant, timely, accessible, appropriately differentiated to maximize the capacity and technical proficiency of the membership.


a. Provide consistent opportunities to learn or review school business fundamentals that mirror that of the ASBO School Finance Official (SFO) designation requirements 

b. Provide opportunities to enhance the leadership skills of all school business officials

c. Identify and implement strategies to better differentiate professional development and training opportunities by experience level, district size and type, and regional location 

Goal 2 - Legislative 

Advocate on behalf of Virginia school districts for funding to vigorously enforce the standards of learning, implement required mandates from the Department of Education,  and make the most effective and efficient use of district resources to provide a high quality education to students of the Commonwealth.


a. Continue to send effective means of regular communication with members regarding important legislative proposals and VASBO’s legislative initiatives and advocacy efforts

b. Develop additional tools to allow VASBO members to more easily participate in advocacy efforts

c. Enhance legislative advocacy relationships with other educational organizations (SASBO, ASBO, VASS, VSBA & VASPA) 

Goal 3 - Technology 

Fully leverage modern technology tools to enhance member communication, collaboration, and education.


a. Continue to allocate sufficient funding and/or staff time to ensure that the VASBO website is updated regularly, is dynamic and current, and is the principal source of communication to members 

b. Increase number and types of distance learning opportunities (e.g. webinars, podcasts, videos, simulcasts, etc.) available to members 

c. Increase VASBO electronic presence through member participation emphasizing electronic media, social networking and other appropriate communication tools that are in the best interest of VASBO

Goal 4 - Fiscal Sustainability 

Safeguard the continued viability of the organization by expanding membership and ensuring appropriate funding, staffing, and member involvement 


a. Expand membership by enhancing the diversity of members engaged in VASBO (regional, hierarchical, generational) 

b. Expand vendor involvement in ways that will provide fiscal support to VASBO and/or add value to VASBO membership

c. Develop a conference fee structure to ensure revenues of each conference cover the expenses

d. Ensure earnings on invested funds are maximized according to the investment policy criteria that is reviewed annually.

Goal 5 - Membership Engagement & Networking

Retain and grow membership in VASBO through relevant membership engagement.


a. Maximize involvement by recruiting and utilizing volunteers

b. Enhance value of membership for all business officials including those who are new to school business

c. Establish and promote quarterly regional meetings to encourage networking and collaboration throughout the year

d. Have more networking opportunities for members at conferences

e. Offer virtual opportunities for those that may be unable to travel or cover travel costs to draw in those who are not currently members

f. Work with ASBO/SASBO for joint professional development opportunities to our membership

g. Establish a mentoring program that will help members new to the profession and help veteran members create a pipeline for future SBO needs.